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floweryCandles, tablecloths, plates, favors... there are so many ways to make your wedding bloom! Discover best ideas for flowery wedding design!

Flowers always were strongly associated with love and weddings, so no wonder they are such an important position on your wedding to do list. However, today flowers mean not only the blossoms and buds decorating your wedding venue or a chapel. The flowery design and motifs you can find everywhere, a thing which make it easier to incorporate the blossoms in your wedding theme. Apart from centrepieces and garlands, you can bring the bloom to your wedding along with accessories, invitations, crockery, wedding favors... well, in any way you like.

The flowery motifs, especially those simple ones, featuring one blossom only are true hit in the latest design. They will look wonderful on your wedding tables instead of plain white dishes. However, if you decide to use those creative plates, don’t forget to keep the rest of your table’s decor quite simple. Another lovely solution are table runners with large hem of sewn into strip of flowery fabric. Add napkins to match the runner, and there you are, lovely and simple, but so special. In this case you should leave the crockery in plain one colour or white. The centrepiece should be kept is similar manner or at least colours which brings the table runner’s hem.

Wedding stationery, especially invitations give your guests the first hint of what should they expect from your wedding. And is there anywhere better to place beautiful flowery motifs or prints than onto wedding invites? You can have them printed with simple single flower, or typed on flowery paper, or laser cut into arabesque of flowers and leaves. Well, the ideas about flowery wedding invites seem to be almost countless.  The same about “save the date” cards: those however don’t need to be so showy and special as the invites. In fact it will be enough to print a single flower on them or a flowery strip on their side to bring the wedding theme around. As for place cards, also those can be decorated with flowers or flowery strips. In simple place card holders they will look quite amazing.

for modern bride decorations mean not only flower arrangements but every other thing used to bring the enchanted atmosphere to the wedding reception. Vases, candles and other tiny bits and ends are super important to achieve the right effect. And also here flowers and blossoms can came handy if not helpful. You can for example use flower shaped candles or vases painted with floral motifs. If there happen to be a pool in your wedding venue, take lots of floating candles, shaped like water lilies and let them light the waters. For the sweets buffet area you can use glass containers decorated by the hand of talented member of your family and fill them with candies or biscuits.

Wedding favors are meant for your guests to be a little memento of your special day, a little thing which in an instant brings back the memories of your wedding. And also here you can easily incorporate flowers: bags for goodies printed with flowers, a little candle shaped or scented like your favourite flower. Even a tiny bag of seeds will be lovely: in this way your love will bloom in your friends garden!

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