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pet-friendly-venuesHow to Make Pets Part of Your Wedding Day? Pets are, first of all, part of our families. So no wonder that many couples decide on including their fluffy babies onto the wedding guests list. How to do it without causing problems?

You took it as a few weeks old puppy. It grown with you becoming the member of the family as much as best friend. So now, when the most important day of your life arrived, no wonder you want your four legged friend to present. Here are some nice advices of how to include the presence of your beloved pets in your wedding.

The preparations...


First of all make sure the venue the event is going to take place check with the location if they allow animals.  As well, speak with the person who’s going to perform the ceremony, it may happen that they are allergic or afraid of dogs. If there are no problems with this you’ll have to find someone who will handle him or her during the ceremony and reception. Best solution is to speak with some family member, who knows the pet already. Ask this person if is willing to take responsibility for your pet, taking it him or her for a walk if necessary. In this way also you’ll feel better, knowing that fluff is in good hands.
Including the pet into ceremony and the event means as well including it in all preparations for big day. When only possible take it with you: especially to the ceremony and reception location, so you friend become familiar with it.

The wedding day...


Everyone wants to look good for the wedding, and so many brides decide that their beloved animals should wear some accessories, such as bow or flower wreath or even the ring pillow. Many of them may not like the idea at all, so in this case you’ll have to train your pet, and reward them for their effort. A treat they love and patting on the  head will do. However, this has to be a positive experience. Still no matter how well you plan everything and how well you are prepared, involving a pet into wedding always may cause little “disasters” or “accidents” to clean up. As well you should consider excluding the furry friend from the event if it feels uncomfortable.
Though if you suspect your pet will refuse to “collaborate” as a ring bearer or a four legged wedding guest, it is better to leave it home, without excluding it entirely from the event. You may ask your photographer to have some photos shoot even while still at home with your pet. In this way both of you will avoid the stress during the ceremony and reception, whilst your wedding album will get a really lovely and original touch.
There is still one thing you have to remember if decide to include your pet into the wedding. Of course it is a day when the eyes of everyone should be on you, but with your fluffy present the guest may cast a few glances in other direction than you...

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