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face-maskFruits and veggies are good for your health and beauty, but with spring coming you can use those to prepare delicious facial masks to make you glow!

Fruits with spring at our doorsteps we all seem to be more happy, solar and healthy. Might be it is the right diet, for since spring the fresh fruits and vegetables came plenty, cheap and handy. The saying goes we are what we eat: and it is true, for vegetable and fruits give you vitamins and microelements which will only help you look beautiful and healthy.

s a beautifully looking bride to be you surely know all the benefits which a fruit and veggies rich diet can bring to your body. But this will came with time. Still, you can use fruits, just as our grannies did, for an instant beautifying masks, tonics and potions: all natural, healthy and above all cheap! They will help you to soften your skin, bleach the blemishes, smooth wrinkles, purify your skin and, well to many to really count them all! However, there are three important things to remember while deciding to use the natural homemade face masks: all depends on your skin type. For example the remedies made with lemon or green apple are perfect for oily or mixed skin, while the dry or wrinkled will be better off with avocado.

Before using any of your concoctions run a simple allergy test: apply the ready mask on a piece of skin which is not really visible. This way you will discover which ingredients are fine for you without getting blotchy patches or skin rush on your face. Best place to test is the inside of the forearm, just above the wrists or behind your ear.

For all brides who with spring want to try natural face masks here are some of most popular and best working:

Fresh cucumber face mask: this one is as old as the world itself and super simple. All you need is sliced cucumber and some time. Just place thin slices of cucumber over your face, neck and décolleté. After about 20 minutes take off, and use some cream. This face mask will hydrate your skin, make it firmer and as well will remove tiny blemishes and freckles.

Carrot face mask: a spoonful of grated carrot mix, with egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of natural yoghurt. Place over your face and neck, leave for 20 minutes, and wash away with warm water. Perfect for dry and tired skin, excellent source of vitamin E which helps your skin to remain young and smooth. Also, it will give your face a slightly “tanned” look.

Wild strawberries face mask: mush a handful of wild strawberries and add some lemon juice. Place all over your face and leave for about 20 minutes. Wash away with water. This is a perfect natural cosmetic for oily or acne prone skin as containing C, K, E, and B vitamins, salicylic acid and anthocyanin.

Apricot face mask: blend skinned apricots add a content of A + E vitamin capsule, a teaspoon of olive oil, teaspoon of milk and potato starch. Mix well and place all over your face and décolleté, leave for 15 minutes and wash away with warm water. It is good for skin with first wrinkles, cause thanks to high content of vitamin A it smooth the skin and hydrate it thanks to olive oil and milk.

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