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Italy has a rich culture and history, and tradition is generally very important to the Italian people. Their cultural  heritage runs from art, architecture and opera music, to folk music, popular customs and street performances.
If you want to get married in Italy, you might be interested in finding out about Italian culture and traditions, whether these be connected to weddings in Italy or not. You might want to know about traditions in the area you are visiting or for the time of year you are going. If that is the case, read on!


Not far from Vatican there is a building known to many thanks to book of Dan Brow, “Angels and Demons”: Castel Sant’ Angelo , which is one of most interesting monuments of the Eternal City.
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landscape_of_Firenze_thumbAmong the historic treasures of Italy, the Sesame that held other treasures in it is Galleria degli Ufizzi in Florence, one of biggest and oldest museums on the continent. With artworks of famous masters it is one of most visited touristic attractions in Florence.
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arezzo_joust_golden_best_italian_venuesthumbSurrounded by beautiful Tuscan landscapes of gentle green hills, rises the city of Arezzo, called often the city of gold and art. A place really worth visiting for its architectonical, cultural and art traditions. Now famous for two things: the exquisite gold and the Saracen Joust.
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photo_by_pavarotti_allegra_combriccola"O sole mio" - you know it, don't you? And you think it is so Italian. Well... You're wrong, for this as well as many others well known songs are part of traditon of one of most wonderful cities in the world - Naples.

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aperitivo italianoThere is a moment during the days of Italians when everyone stops, bars fills up, and famous Campari or Aperol are served. About half an hour before lunch.
It is the aperitivo moment, a custom that may be nice surprise for your wedding guests,especially if you plan to have your wedding photos shot before dinner, the wedding day.

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