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rrocotta e peraCreaminess of ricotta cheese and freshness of pears blended together in the town of Minori to create unique and delicious cake, find out the recipe!

As many times mentioned before, the beautiful Amalfi Coast is not only the perfect place where to admire stunning views of Mediterranean or to bath in crystal clear waters of Tyrrhenian Sea.
This place is unique in the world: the culture, traditions and art of Amalfi are well known all around the globe. Many poems has been written about, its beauty was commemorated on innumerable paintings and wonderful photos.

But Amalfi Coast is also a perfect place where to meet and fall in love with typical southern cuisine in all its aspects: delicious sea and land appetizers and starters, pasta dishes garnished with simple but tasty sauces, fragrant second dishes to satisfy even the most picky ones. And wines: a vast selection to accompany each dish you taste.

Still there are some things originating from Amalfi Coast which gained not only national, but worldwide fame. One of such culinary treasures was born in little town of Minori, one of most charming on our beautiful coastline.

Facing the sea, there is a little square. Some tables, chairs and umbrellas displayed under probably the best known shop sign: Sal De Riso pastry shop.

Here, for the first time in my life I had the immense pleasure, in accordance with touristic tradition, to taste the delicious Torta Ricotta e Pera, the ricotta and pear cake: a perfect blend of delicate hazelnut biscuit slightly splashed with pear liquor, creaminess of whipped ricotta and freshness of pear, which for me will forever be the synonymous of Minori town.

Not beach, not sun, not even the stunning surroundings, but Mr. De Riso and his sweet creations.

Today we would love to share with all of you the recipe for this delicious cake. We're sure you will be enchanted and bewitched as much as we are!

To prepare this delicious concoction you will need:

For biscuits:

  • 6 tbsp of grinded hazelnuts
  • 6 tbsp refined sugar
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 4 egg whites
  • 100gr soft unsalted butter
For filling:
  • 300gr ricotta
  • 500gr whipping cream
  • 200gr sugar
  • half lemon (from Amalfi)
  • 2 Williams pears chopped into pieces and boiled in syrup made of water, sugar and lemon juice from half lemon.

Now we will prepare two oversized hazelnut biscuits, to be used as base and upper part of the cake. Place butter with sugar in a bowl and whip until creamy and fluffy. Slowly add flour and hazelnuts as well as little of whipped egg’s whites. When all ingredients mixed together distribute the mix on two round baking tins and place in oven preheated to 180 for 20 minutes. When slightly golden, take them out and cool down.

In another bowl place ricotta, whipping cream, sugar and lemon juice (the last add a few drops at time) and whip all together to obtain really fluffy and light consistence. Take your syrupy pears and with help of blender reduce to pure.

Now we can proceed with cake composing:
On one of your hazelnut biscuits place half of ricotta cream, smooth. Distribute the on top the pear pure and cover with the rest of ricotta cream. Cover all with disc of hazelnut biscuit and... well, you’re almost done! You can use more whipped cream to decorate the edges of the cake, some powder sugar on top along with few slices of caramelized pear and caramel leaves.

We truly hope you will enjoy making and then eating this delicious cake at your home, but if you happen to visit Amalfi Coast, don’t forget about Minori and its most wonderful pastry shop!

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